Psychic guidance, examples

Below, you can read two examples of psychic guidance delivered via e-mail to two different and for me unknown persons, and their feedback.

Hi! I have a question. I wonder if I and my husband have to give up our trials to have our love child? We have an unsuccessful IVF behind us and I can hardly manage any more, feeling such a sorrow each time we do not succeed (we are trying by our own now) and I am getting older. Thankful for an answer.

Strictly speaking your question should land in the prophecy area, which I do not bestow on as it mainly brings disaster, but I will look at it from another direction and give you something more useful.

When I focus on your energies, I feel that you have lived through a period of anxiety and indisposition. Much of indisposition, you seem to experience that flames are burning in the tummy and gullet and come out of the mouth. Furthermore, your whole body seems extremely stressed, which could be the reason of your physical mood.

The heavy stress makes everything in yourself chaotic and it is therefore very important that you try to be conscious of how you use your thoughts. With their help you can break the pattern, as the thoughts affect the body. You can improve the well-being by thinking positive regarding the body and the life itself. Until now it seems like you have turned off the connection between the head and the body, that you strongly dislike and refuse to acknowledge the body because of the indispositions. This is not a good start if you wish to plant a seed.

In a serious trial to increase the chance to become pregnant, but also to feel better on the whole, I recommend relaxation exercises in combination with yoga, and that you try to unit all parts of the body in a spirit of community and love. Thank them, part for part, for that they have carried you and given you life, and let love flow through all parts to help them finding the way back together and being able to cooperate again. Do you have someone who can lead you through such a meditation? You can also meditate with these kind of thoughts while dancing by your own. Complete it with telling the body that it is allowed to bloom if it wish to, but that it is not required. Let the body free, it knows what it wants and might even give you a surprise. Love it and trust that it always wants your best. Try to feel that there is a meaning with what happens and that your own life and body are gifts enough to make you shine.

I can feel that you get angry on your partner sometimes and that you the can behave really bad. Next time you feel like that, change places with him in the thought. You both could actually change places physically if you are together. After that, count to ten and play theatre for a while, pretending that you are him. Try to feel what he is feeling and express this also verbally.

It is easy to lose the ability to feel empathy when feeling ill oneself. Easy to be locked inside an egocentric bubble. But by regular trials to use the ability with purpose, the empathy is helped to return. You will again understand that you are not alone but a part of something big and beautiful. To begin with, that you belong to us other human beings, and how beautiful is not that?

I hope that this can give you happiness back, however it ends when it comes to a child. Feel hope and smile at the sun to make it as good as it can be. I know that when you know where to go, you are good at throwing yourself out on the waves to swim, full of energy and inspiration, when you have made a decision. That is very clear to me.

Good luck with everything on your way in life.
/Eva-Lena Bjarneborg

Hi! Thanks for your guidance! You hit the spots in all you said and I have adopted your advices and will try to do this now as I know that it is really needed! Thanks again!

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What can I do to develop/improve the relationship with my partner? Is it worth to work for? I need generic guidance regarding our relation!

It feels like you have pushed and provoked your partner to get any kind of response, to see a reaction on your situation.

As it was not done in a careful way but with irritation and almost condescendingly, your partner reacted by moving aside. He closed himself like in a shell because your behaviour felt like an attack. And then you, in return, started to feel alone and out of it. You could hardly stand his passivity, it was like a betray.

This has arised a wall between you, and either you or he must do something to open for a start afresh.

So, where can the opening be? I will look at that…

To begin with, it would be good if you could settle down with your partner and ask for forgiveness for how your frustration has been expressed. You can tell him that you was locked in feelings and missed how he must have experienced the situation before you began to communicate worse and worse. Ask what he wish that you had done to repair the relationship, at that time, and how he felt when you started to provoke him.

When he tells you his version of what has happened, visualize that he is a beautiful and holy nature who gives you a gift; he affords you parts of a human being’s history. You can then easily ignore your built-up irritation and find pure love again. The opening comes when he gets involved by opening his heart for the feelings he has had about the situation, and you in return opens your heart when he tells you this. After this, several blockings will be released and you can reach new levels in your personal development. This is an overlying meaning with your relation, besides that you love each other and like being with each other.

Physical contact is important for the time to come; hug and touch each other as often as you can. It feels like you at heart and basically have the same set of values and that you love each other and just have come into a locking.

Your relation can be how good as ever if you just continue to respect and listen on each other. Encourage each other to grow and communicate. Praise each other. This is all guidance that you need. Good luck with everything.
/Eva-Lena Bjarneborg

This is probably true, that I have pushed and not really known where I have had him, have myself had 2 tough years with for example childbirth depression, which might have made me requiring more confirmation from him, as I didn’t feel well myself, maybe what’s why I seemed to be patronizing, without noticing it, have also felt that it’s me who pull the heavy duties at home, with a child and so on, which itself is frustrating and annoying.

My partner has always been quite closed, is not the one who talks without cause, has a bit hard to talk about feelings, what I think is tough is that we spend so little time together, he gladly goes down to play computer games for x amount of hours when our son has gone to bed, in the weekends he has a lot of other things to do so I am mostly at home by myself or following him when he is doing something, but it doesn’t feel like we have anything in common or that he does something for me, if you understand.

However, he likes hugging and saying cute words, but that’s unfortunately not enough for me.

Yes it’s not like it was before, but much in life has also changed… but I would really like to get THAT back again, or even better than it was before 🙂

I love this man incredible much, but am right now confused so to say.

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