Gift Card – Psychic Guidance

Gift cardWould you like to indulge someone a caring psychic guidance via e-mail?

Here you can order a gift card to someone you care about, who might enjoy and get use of guidance regarding personal development, a decision, situation or relation. It’s up to the receiver to decide the direction.

The gift card is valid 18 months after payment at one (1) occation, for the same kind of guidance as described here (the page is opened in a new window).

You can add a personal greeting to the receiver when ordering, to be attached with the gift card, and in the same field tell me if you want it to be sent on a certain date, for example a birthday. In other case it will be sent as soon as possible.

Regarding payment and age requirements:

Note that you and the receiver must have turned 18 years. If any of you are younger but you place an order though, your guardian(s)/parent(s) are responsible for your behavior.

The gift card is to be paid in advance. When the order is sent, you will receive an e-mail with OrdKanalen’s Swish number (if you are in Sweden and connected to Swish) and IBAN (International Bank Account Number). The price is 500 SEK including taxes (the gross amount). A recalculation to your own currency is done automatically if you transfer the amount to OrdKanalen’s IBAN. For a quick currency check: USD/SEK, EUR/SEK, Other.

In the payment message field, type your own e-mail address so I can see which order you are paying for. When the amount is visible on OrdKanalen’s bank account, the receiver will soon be e-mailed a beautiful gift card that looks almost like the image above, together with your personal greeting and a secret code that makes the card valid for use.

Click here to read OrdKanalen’s integrity policy. By placing an order, you also accept that your data is handled by OrdKanalen. However, it will not be shared with any external part and OrdKanalen will not send you any advertisement.

Note that a gift card purchase cannot be regret, as a third part (the receiver) is involved. However, the receiver can sell the card to someone else. In that case, it is required that the receiver sends me the new owner’s e-mail address via the Contact page. I send the new owner an e-mail to tell him/her if the card already has been used (the receiver will get a copy of this e-mail). If it has not, he/she will get an own (new) password. The gift card can only be used one single time, together with the current owner’s e-mail address and the secret code (unique for each card). The card is marked with last day of validity.

OrdKanalen AB is approved for business with Swedish VAT.