Gift Card Usage

Gift CardHave you received a gift gard for psychic guidance via e-mail?

Here you can use it for a guidance regarding personal development, a decision, a situation or relation. It’s up to you to decide the subject of the guidance. Note that you must be at least 18 years old to use this service. If you are younger but place an order though, your guardian(s)/parent(s) will be responsible for your behavior.

The gift card is valid at one (1) occation, to be used before 18 months after payment. Latest valid date is noted on the gift card.

Information about guidance via e-mail is to be found here (the page is opened in a new window). Please read it, to learn how to get out as much as possible from the service.

If you don’t want any guidance, you can sell the gift card to a friend. In that case, you give me the future owner’s e-mail address via the contact page. I then send her/him an e-mail in which I tell if the card has been used or not (you will receive a copy of this). If the card is unused, she/him will also receive a separate e-mail with an own secret code, while the old one will be obsolete. The last valid date will remain as earlier.

Note that an already received guidance e-mail cannot be regret, as it’s personal and cannot be sold to anyone else. The gift card can only be used once, together with the owner’s e-mail address and a belonging secret code.

OrdKanalen does not have any customer register or a saved collection of personal questions. Read the integrity policy here (opens in a new window). By booking a guidance, you also accept that OrdKanalen handles your data. However, it will not be shared with any external part and OrdKanalen will not send you any advertisement.

Remember to read the purchasing conditions first (the form cannot be posted until you have marked that this is done).