About psychic mediumship


Psychic mediumship means that you can perceive higher energy frequencies than the typical levels for our most obvious five senses.

The human body is mainly tuned to perceive and handle the physical world as it is an absolute necessity for surviving, and it is very easy to forget that we have more tools than to use. Some of us can deliberately perceive impressions and communicate with other conscious souls at higher frequencies. We have discovered that deceased as well as living persons and higher spirits can meet in common frequency zones, where everything but the body and its mental blockings can move freely. Our memories, personalities, higher goals, thoughts and feelings are not parts of the body, but are of course tinged by its psyche, genes, chemical (un)balances etc.

We continue our lives as the souls we already were when we left the physical world. As free souls we have lost the easy way to affect physical matters and to hug each others bodies, but we are still conscious. However, now only at a bit higher level instead of the one that was controlled by the chemical balance in the body. We keep on thinking and feeling and can still join physical living persons’ souls, but find it harder to communicate with their five low frequency senses. Especially as most people are not open for the existence of the soul – not until they also have passed by and struggle with the same problem.

The psychic mediumship differ from person to person. I see souls in the spirit world, which means that I am clairvoyant, and for me the images are shown in the head or illusory outside, as a hologram. Like a film shown in the room without a screen; transparent but sufficiently clear. Simultaneously I can sense feelings and perceive thoughts belonging to the soul visiting us (living or departed).

To experience the sense to have someone elses body is called clairsentence. I can for example feel shorter and with large bust at the same time as I become a bit lively and bouncy inside. Or like a man with a strict costume, quite reserved among strangers. I might have a beard, a fluffy hairstyle or recently have gone through a knee surgery.

Except being clairvoyant and clairsentent, I perceive other impressions. Things I simply just know without understanding how I got it. I can also see things that will happen in the future.

To be able to receive such a clear information as possible from the spirit world, I change my brain wave frequency with help of meditation. During normal days, the human body works within different frequency zones; one while sleeping, another as awake and a third during meditation. With some methods, we can tune ourselves further in meditation mode, and they without physical bodies can lower their frequencies to meet us.

When I started my conscious spiritual journey in this physical life, I welcomed clients who wished to have contact with departed friends and relatives. However, such meetings demands much time for identifying who is coming for visit from the spirit world and saying what they already know: “I love you and miss you so much”. The wonderful is of course that it gives the client an evidence for a life after “death”, but nowadays I only give psychic guidance with support from higher spiritual guides at frequencies above the levels of departed persons. This helps me to understand each person and situation from an “omniscient” perspective, full of love but without family bounds, that works for the highly best.

My teachers in psychic mediumship, beside other courses in energy work and spiritual healing, have since 2002 for example been Camilla Uddgren, Hasse Nyander and Madeleine Melchior.

Some words by Camilla Uddgren:
Eva-Lena is with her accuracy and humbleness a wonderful medium. Her work permeates by genuinity and professionalism. I can with warm hand recommend her medium work for them in need of spiritual/psychic guidance and healing.

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