Psychic guidance

SamtalSometimes you need an unitiated person who can see the situation from a higher perspective.

I offer psychic guidance from a higher perspective, on a level that does not take the experiences that you are meant to live through and grow from, from you.

Information about psychic mediumship

A psychic guidance normally starts with that I connect myself toward your energies and look at your current situation; I look at how you experience life and interact with the surrounding. I describe what I see and open myself for advices or clues about the situation or question. Simply described, I tune the psychic medium binoculars to find an opening that could lead to a solvation.

If you have gone through a tough period, the spiritual guides use to describe how it has felt from the problem began up till now, to make you understand that you are not alone and that there is a main thread to proceed from. Then I start work with finding solvations on your current situation or answering your questions.

Sometimes it is hard to see one’s own thought- and behavior patterns. One might land in frequently recurred conflicts or situations without understanding why. It can also feel as if there is something unfinished, something that needs to be worked with or processed before one can move along and leave the past. Do you maybe often regret what you do in daily life or wish to learn more about what your inner self truly wants? And do you dare to accept your intuition?

If you want to work with your personal development, for example let a blockage go, I can help you to see which would be the next step and how to reach a new level. I can also see how you can develop your relationships, for exemple at work or in a love relation. As helping you to see how you can help a child to develop in harmony and concord with its own unique needs.

You can order a psychic guidance that is delivered to you via e-mail. It takes a bit more than an hour for me to do this, just like as if we had met, and works as good as then. You know – it is not about impressions of a physical appearance but happens in our higher common frequence zones.

Here are two examples of psychic guidance via e-mail. The advantage with e-mail is that you can read the answer in peace and quiet and also save it for later on. We easily forget important aspects or advices that we do not understand or see the meaning of until after a certain time, but with an e-mail you can always remind yourself whenever you need and want.

Consider the difference between guidance and prophecies.

Why I do not give prophecies straight on is explained here. A person who asks for a direct answer on when and how she/he will meet the big love or how a process beyond his/her influences will end, is hoping for a prophecy.

I offer guidance when you are in a situation that you have the power to influence or to help you handling a situation in the best way even when you cannot control it fully. For example for personal development, quality of life, choice of profession or changing places of work, relations or frequently recurring patterns. I present some of the consequences of possible decisions, but do not tell you straightly how the future will look like (as your behavior and free will affect it). Only if it is very important which way you should take, I tell you straight out which option that is best for you. After having new perspective by taking part of the guidance, you should be able to make the decision on your own.

About psychic mediumship
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