Purchasing conditions, psychic guidance

psychic guidance via e-mailBefore ordering a psychic guidance, you must have turned 18 years age. If you are younger but place an order though, your guardian(s)/parent(s) are responsible for your behavior. To order a gift card valid for psychic guidance, also the receiver must have turned 18 years age.

Read these two examples to learn about what a psychic guidance e-mail might contain and look like.

Personal data and integrity
OrdKanalen does not have any customer register or a saved collection of personal questions. Read the integrity policy here (opens in a new window).

No regret of psychic guidance or gift card
Psychic guidance
When the personal psychic guidance e-mail has been sent to you it cannot be regret, as it cannot be undone or be given to someone else. If you are displeased with it in some way, the reason should be described via the Contact page within a week. If the reason is considered relevant by me, the amount will be repayed within fourteen days from the day the declaration of disaffection has been placed.

Gift Card
A gift card purchase cannot be regret, as a third part (the receiver) is involved. However, the receiver can sell the card to someone else. In that case, it is required that the receiver and the coming owner send me the new owner’s e-mail address via the Contact page. I send the new owner an e-mail to tell him/her if the card already has been used. If it has not been used, I send her/him an own (new) password. The gift card can only be used one single time, together with the current owner’s e-mail address and the secret code. The card is marked with last day of validity.

Order- and payment procedure when order guidance for yourself

  1. When you send an order, you first receive an automatic confirmation e-mail, followed by a personal reply from Eva-Lena Bjarneborg within one or a few days. The personal mail contains possible comments regarding your need of guidance as well as information about approximate delivery day and the bank account number for payment.
  2. You are welcome with own delivery date suggestions. The order is not completed until we agree and you feel okay about it all.
  3. At the stage when we agree and you accept the conditions, the guidance is to be paid (in advance). In the payment message field, type the same e-mail address as when you placed the order so that it is obvious which order you are paying for.
  4. When the amount has reached OrdKanalen’s bank account, you will receive a payment receipt within 36 hours via e-mail. This confirms that the amount has been paid. The psychic guidance is sent to you via e-mail within the agreed time*) after this. The ordered service is thereby completed, but if something would feel unclear it is of course possible to ask for an explanation.

*) Note that the suggested or agreed delivery date may need to be adjusted if you wait longer than a few days with the payment after you received the e-mail with information, as an impediment might arise during these days. In that case, you should ask again if the planned delivery date is still possible before you perform the payment.

OrdKanalen AB is approved for business with Swedish VAT. The price mentioned for this service is the gross amount (total price including taxes).

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